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  • Living Room 5
    Laureles has long been a neighborhood favored by Medellin’s upper middle class and is just now being discovered by visitors and expatriates. It is a beautiful, safe area of the city and is somewhat less expensive than El Poblado, but that could change as the area becomes more popular with foreigners. It is home to […]
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  • Master Bedroom
    El Poblado
    El Poblado is the best district in Medellin, and possibly the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Colombia, making it a highly desirable area for foreigners and expatriates. It is home to abundant green areas including Parque Poblado and Parque Lleras, high-end shopping at Santa Fe, El Tesoro and Olviedo shoppiing malls, and hundreds of dining […]
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  • Christmas Lights in Medellin
    Christmas Lights in Medellin by Lamar Bell Oct 20, 2014   Medellin is considered by many, both Colombians and foreigners, to be the country’s most vibrant, extroverted and welcoming city and there may be no better example of that than the annual Christmas lights. The highlight of the spectacle is the display setup along the […]
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  • Flower Festival – Festival de las Flores
    The Medellín Flower Fair: A Flood of Flowers Place: Medellín, Antioquia Region: Andes Date: August 1 – 10, every year Duration: 10 days The Medellín Flower Fair In August, when Medellín – known as the “city of eternal spring” – blooms in all its splendor and balconies, terraces, gardens, and billboards get flooded with flowers, it is the beginning of […]
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  • Joseph E. Sexton
    CEO of Welcome to Medellin   Hi, my name is Joseph Sexton and I’m an American who’s been living in Medellin for the last three years. If you’re planning on coming to Medellin I can help you in several ways. I have apartments available for rent, I run a business networking group, I’m a local […]
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  • Mauricio Rojas P
    Programmer I’m your Real Estate guy in Medellin, if you wanna be happy, just come here and let us handle everything for you. Follow @@smartbunnyco
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  • Charles Lamar Bell
    Born and raised in deep South Texas, five miles from the U.S.-Mexico border in a town that is 95% hispanic, Lamar has been exposed to Latin American influences his entire life.  Graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas in 1990.  Worked in the oil industry with Kellogg-Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, […]
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